Reproductive Media hosts interactions and interventions to advocate for inclusive policy and behavior in art and education.

We attend conferences, exhibit our zine library and related artifacts, host workshops, provide advocacy materials, and travel with our Mobile Zine Library to interact with others and to enact positive, inclusive change.

At SECAC in Chattanooga, TN in October 2019

At the SECAC conference in Chattanooga, Reproductive Media presented a working presentation during the “Art and Parenting: Artistic Engagement with the Familial and Domestic” session chaired by Barbara Kutis. During this time, we asked session attendees, “How can your workplace be more family friendly?” From the responses, we’ve begun developing our next advocacy materials.

At SGCI in Dallas, TX, March 2019

Reproductive Media’s conception came from a proposal to SGCI. In June 2018, while Danielle nursed her 4-week-old baby, she and Cayla began to dream up a project that merged their practices of engaging in conversation with others and that focused on a subject near and dear to both of them: equity. This dreaming became Reproductive Media, proposed and accepted as a Mobile Event for the annual meeting of the Southern Graphics Council International. During the conference, we performed and interacted on buses to and from events, and we hosted pop-up sessions in the conference hotel.